TileZone is a tiling workspace that hides clutter out of the way and prevents unnecessary context switching. It profiles every document dropped into it and keeps a history of user work. It allows real-time collaboration and can be used for pair programming, conferencing, interviews, or as a personal workspace. The most important feature, however, is the plugin ecosystem and sharing economy. Ultimately we want YOUR productivity apps to succeed, we’re just the platform that makes it possible.

Separate your work into rooms, control access levels and retain the state of your work. It’s like a digital version of an office, except you don’t have to clean up after yourself.

Collaborate on documents with coworkers, discuss ideas and retain versions of work performed. Drop in PDFs, office documents, images, invoices and any other document. Add support for new document formats by building plugins on top of our platform. Monetize your plugins by sharing them with others.

Drag-and-drop components to create interactive data centers, home automation systems and control panels that update fromĀ a feed in real time. Leverage collaborative and versioning power of our platform to provide historical metrics and shared environments for your widgets with minimal work. Stack widgets with each other to create powerful control centers.

Create on-the-fly interview rooms or video-conferencing environments, review work together, use sessions for pair-programming or debugging code with other peers.

Create beautiful collages that tell a story of your recent trip, share them with friends and organize them for future memories. Tag your documents, group them and emphasize relationships for your audience.

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